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Not with His Wife

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  Forensic accountant Monica Bolland tracks down white-collar criminals, but when her husband Josh, an undercover agent for the FBI, is killed, she goes undercover herself to find his murderer. She gets a bookkeeping job with a criminal cartel but her cover is blown just as she discovers the devastating truth about her husband and the forces that brought him down.
  —Reel One Entertainment
  Monica Boland is a Boston-based forensic accountant, she often contracted by the FBI, her work which more often than not is crucial in capturing and convicting criminals under investigation. Her husband, Josh Boland, is an agent with the Bureau, he currently undercover leading a sting against mid-level criminal, Collin Murphy. During this undercover operation, Monica and Josh see each other on average twice a month, each of those meetings being clandestine in nature as Josh's undercover role is deep within Murphy's operation, which Monica in turn cannot discuss with anyone. While Josh is on the job, he is murdered, which leads to the case against Murphy moving back to square one as Josh would have been not only the key but sole witness against him. Following Josh's death, Monica discovers that Josh is being investigated as a possible double agent, as money which was in his possession in connection to the case has gone missing. Monica is also under investigation by association, she being framed by someone internal to the Bureau. As such, Josh's best friend and boss, Isaac Nolan, secretly suggests to Monica that she go into hiding until he can discover who the mole within the Bureau is. Refusing to stay in hiding for the rest of her life, Monica secretly resurfaces with a new look and new name. Ultimately with Isaac's secret help, Monica decides to go undercover herself in Murphy's operation, her mission being threefold: to discover the identity of the mole within the Bureau and in turn clear Josh's name; to complete Josh's job of uncovering enough evidence to put Murphy away; and to find out who ordered the kill on or did kill Josh, specifically if he was murdered because of his true identity being discovered by Murphy or someone else. Issues which make her tasks more difficult are her wanting to keep in touch with her ailing, cancer-stricken mother, and she ultimately falling for Murphy's right hand man, Aiden Savage, who she believes is not a criminal in his heart beyond his association to Murphy.